1986 Ford Mustang SVO-ND Part Deux

These next few pics are more or less a work in progress. First, let's talk brakes. If you read the first part in this series, you'll know that the 86 SVO-ND already has a modified '99 Mustang Cobra IRS in it. That includes the large rear disc brakes. Up front, I have 2000 Mustang GT dual-piston PBR brakes. Previously I used a master cylinder from a '99 Mustang V6 car (1.00" bore). This worked much better than using the stock SVO master cylinder, but the booster is still not matched quite right, and the brake pedal is still overly firm. Actually, it's a lot firm. Locking up the brakes is a *REAL* challenge, where it was nearly impossible with the SVO master cylinder. I bought a '95 Mustang Cobra master cylinder (15/16" bore), which would probably solve the problem, but I decided to put that up for the 91 LX project. For the 86 SVO-ND, I chose the Hydroboost. This one is from a 2000 Mustang Cobra. Fitting it in a Fox body has it's challenges, and that's a whole other story. Another reason for the Hydroboost is packaging. As you can see, there's not a whole lot of room between the intake and the brake setup.

Now, adding Cobra rear brakes, Cobra Hydroboost, and a Cobra master cylinder, and still retaining Mustang GT brakes doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Mustang GT brakes are 10.75" (IIRC) and Cobra front brakes are 13". A lot of stopping power difference. The problem comes from my choice in wheels. I want to retain the stock SVO wheels. After all, I want this car too look as close to a dead stock SVO on the outside as possible. There's a serious clearance issue when trying to use 13" brakes and 16" wheels. Clearance as in, it just don't work. After reading threads on Corner-Carvers.com about the NASA Camaro-Mustang Challenge (CMC) series, I found that the rules dictate 12" brakes. To get the most out of their brakes Mustang racers will use Cobra calipers and pads, with custom two-piece rotors, and specially modified caliper brackets. I was fairly sure I could make this will clear my 16" wheels. Two problems. Where to source the modified brackets and what about the rotors? Custom rotors are expensive, and probably not in stock at the local parts stores. I want to keep the wear items on the car from being custom. Another thread on Corner-Carvers shows that the 2003+ Ford Crown Victoria has 12" front brakes! I sourced the modified brackets from Baer brakes, the calipers (2003 Cobra) froom PPI, the rotors from Rock Auto, and the SS brake line hose from Classic Tubes (86 SVO to late model). After grinding the Baer brackets a little bit, it all bolts together, and the stock SVO wheel fits without issues!

(Please don't mind the nasty inner fender, I haven't gotten there, yet)

This was a bit expensive to start with, but I think I'll be happy with my braking performance in the end. For guys with 'regular' SVO's, I would go with non-IRS rear Cobra brakes (unless you would want the much recommended IRS conversion), and do this 12" conversion up front. For the master cylinder, I would use the 95 Mustang Cobra 15/16" bore unit. I would gut the stock proportioning valve, and add an adjustable proportioning valve where the 'union' is at the right rear of the engine bay. I think this would all add up to the tops in braking performance you could put under stock SVO wheels, without going to an all-out custom setup from Baer, SSBC, Wilwood, or others.

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