1986 Ford Mustang SVO-ND Part Deux

OK, back to engine stuff. So, you've heard about the modifications to the B234F cylinder head on TurboFord.org or the other groups out there. You still don't know what it looks like. Well, here you go.

Notice the aluminum block at the bottom of the pic. There is a 1/4" NPT hole for the oil pressure gauge. The oil passages are internal on this head. No external oil feed lines on this conversion.

On the opposite side, Mike also prepared an oil feed hole. This one will go to the turbocharger. This will keep things a little neater in the engine bay.

At the front of the head, the original water pump passage was milled off, and welded shut.

I used one piece, top quality, Racing Engine Valves (REV). They were pricey, and took quite a while to arrive. However, I feel confident that I will probably not drop the head of one of these in my expensive engine.

This is what the completed bottom side looks like.

We used 'beehive' springs from a Ford 4.6L DOHC engine. These are stock springs. There is slightly less spring pressure with these over the stock Volvo springs. I don't plan on spinning this engine any faster than 7000rpm, so I think it will be OK.

This pistons were made by Diamond. They already had the profile of the piston top on file. I wanted a slightly larger dish than they had specified. Using the nominal chamber volume of the B234F head of 53cc, I had them designed with a large enough dish for a static compression ratio of around 8.1:1. Knowing the head would be milled, I was looking for a max SCR of 8.3:1.

I has the pin moved to allow for the 2.5L and a 5.500" connecting rod. Also, we set up the ring lands to accept a standard Buick 3.8L ring package.

Once assembled into the short block, this was the top view:

Beautiful, isn't it? :)

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