1986 Ford Mustang SVO-ND Part Deux

I have been taking care of a lot of little things lately, mostly ones you cannot see in pictures. One big problem with the 2300_16V Volvo swap is what do you do about accessories like the power steering pump, alternator, and A/C? Most of the swaps delete the A/C, but I wanted to have it. More than that, I was sick of dealing with the stock 'pancake' style SVO/TC compressor. It was always marginal in how it worked, especially when sitting in traffic. I decided to go with a modern style compressor, namely the FS-10. The FS-10 is found in most modern Fords. I bought a few of these off eBay, for as little as $30 each, and those were brand new! They are already set up for R134a, and have a 6 rib serpentine belt pulley, just like the rest of the SVO accessories.

The problem is, how do we bolt these accessories on? My plan at the moment is to modify the stock power steering pump bracket, to mount only the pump (no alternator). Right now, the serpentine style bracket interferes with the thermostat housing. I will probably go to an early V-belt style bracket, and then try to figure that out. The PS pump will run off the rear pulleys on the crankshaft and water pump. Simply modifying the factory brackets ought to get me what I want. The other side of the engine is a different story. To bolt them on will require a custom bracket. I spent a few evenings designing the new bracket, and then had it CNC'd from aluminum.

I will make a simple tensioner bracket to mount between the head and the top of the alternator. That will mount it, and set the belt tension. The alternator is from a Dodge 2.2L engine (since the car also runs on Dodge electronics). However, it is very close in mounting and size to a Ford alternator, so the bracket will be able to handle both types.

As you can see, there's lot of clearance between the accessories and the frame rail. Access for turbo plumbing should be no issue.

The rear of the alternator has plenty of clearance to the exhaust manifold. I will still add a heat shield to the alternator, although I do not think it will be necessary.

Lots of clearance to the intercooler (SRT-4) and the radiator, which will sit on top of the intercooler. The tank on the passenger side fender is for the water/alcohol injection system. The pump for the WI system and the pump for the oil preluber will both be mounted to 3/16" plates mounted to the back side of the bumper support. I hope to have pics of them up by the middle of the week.

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