This section is used for you to see for yourself first hand how well the TCS works. This page will be updated as the various pictures and videos are shot:

Street Results:

Here are some clips of the TCS in action. This first clip is an in car clip of our stock turbo test vehicle with the TCS turned off and on. You can easily see how much of a difference the TCS makes. With the TCS off the vehicle spins its tires until 50-55mph. With the TCS on, there is almost no spin at all, and this was with the driver's foot to the floor!
And here is an astounding video of the difference on a big turbo car. This car is a high 11 second 3076R car with a bunch of bolt ons. At this point this car was on pump gas and 21psi.

Track Results:

The TCS was taken to the track and tuned on 2 vehicles. Both vehicles were set with a launch limiter at 5000 RPM, and set for low aggressiveness on the traction control settings. One vehicle was a 400+whp 3076R SRT-4 that was having some issues with syncros but still showed solid and consistent mid 1.7 60' times. Here are the results of the modded stock turbo vehicle that showed amazing results (yes, that would be back-to-back 1.6 60' times). For the record this car has the following modifications:
3" Side Exit Exhaust
Injen short ram intake
Exhaust Depot direct fit FMIC
AGP wastegate
Return Fuel Line
Piggyback fuel tuner
M&H 24.5"x8.5" slicks on Kosie K1 Rims
New Design Electronics TCS

And here is the accompaning video to the 1.67 run:

The next video is a video of an S3r car on street tires at the track. It is the silver car on the left, and was running consistent 2.1s, and even got this 2.07 one run. All this with his foot to the floor. (As a note the car on the right is on slicks):

Fun with the 'ole 2-step:

Here is an in-cabin shot of the 2-step building boost.

Here is a quick outside shot of a quick launch with the 2-step. This was the stock turbo test vehicle on its winter tires early on in the year. Be careful with the 2-step out there!

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