1986 Ford Mustang SVO-ND

Now, we couldn't stop at some gauges. I went with an 84 SVO headlight setup, as the 86 lamps were shot. I also added some GT Styling clear covers for stone protection. At the same time, I turned to Daniel Stern Lighting for some European 'E-Code' headlamps. The lamps are setup with 100/130W bulbs that are near daylight at night. Since the E-Code lamps have special lenses, oncoming traffic is not blinded. I can't recommend them enough.

Next came the engine. I'll do a complete write up on it when I have time, but here's the skinny: it has Crower 5.2" rods, Diamond forged pistons, an Esslinger 'NASH" aluminum head, Engle '65' cam, Bob Lee's ported, gutted & rotated intake, Rod's stainless header, Race Engineering cam sprocket, David Godfrey engine plate, SPEC V8 hybrid aluminum flywheel, SPEC Stage II V8 clutch, Race Engineering Windage Tray, and lots, lots more.

Behind the engine is none other than a Tremec T-56 6 speed! I think this is the first time anyone has put one behind a 2.3T. Check out these pics!

Here's a close up of the engine adaptor plate. It is made from 1/4" thick aluminum, and seems to be working just fine.

Now, to complete the package, I went with a PRO 5.0 shifter, and of course, a 2003 Cobra Shift Knob.

Next I had to test fit it in the car, and relocate the transmission crossmember back by about 5". This was really easy with the addition of a SN95 style transmission crossmember and the nice bolt-on brackets Ford went to make it a snap. And, oh yeah, they cost about $70 list price for the whole deal, rather than the over $250 you see some companies selling them for. After the test fit, I bolted all the accessories on, and this is the result:

It looks crowded, but it's not. Well, not compared to a GLHS Omni, anyway. I only had one hood clearance issue of the air pipe coming from the intercooler to the throttle body hitting a re-inforcement rib. A simple notch job there, and the hood closes perfectly.

***** UPDATE  9 Jan 2003 *****
I built yet another engine for the SVO-ND. This time I went with a long rod (5.700") type, using Manley rods and Wiesco flat top pistons. This yielded an 8.9:1 compression ratio. I had the pistons, combustion chamber, exhaust ports and valves all coated for better wear and heat barrier protection. I went with a Schneider roller cam (.530" intake, .507" exhaust, actual valve lift). I also have constructed a new type of PCV system, to hopefully contain oil where it belongs, and added braided stainless steel lines for the oil and coolant feeds to the turbo. Also went to a CenterForce Dual Friction Clutch. So far the car runs great, and I am very happy with the long rod setup. I'll post some pics of the new engine in a few days

Here's another shot of the top of the engine. If you look close, you will notice a DIS coil pack. Yes, this car runs on 1990 Turbo IV electronics, which does use distributor ignition. ND Performance is working on a new product that will allow vehicles using 1985-1992 Turbo I, II & IV electronics to convert to DIS!

Here we can see Rod's stainless header, a Bailey EVO blow-off valve, and the crown jewel, a Limit Engineering GT3076RLS ball bearing turbocharger. Hats off to John Craig and the gang at Limit Engineering for helping me so much with this project. John is a first class guy, and knows his stuff. He tells you what will work for your exact application, and delivers as promised. I cannot endorse his services enough!

Here is one last picture of the engine compartment, showing the cooling system, which includes a stock condensor, large NPR Intercooler, and oil cooler, a custom aluminum radiator, and a Black Magic fan. I used a Ranger radiator before, and the car would constantly overheat. With the new radiator I had to step up to a 195° thermostat, just to get the car warm. Wow, what a difference!

Suspension wise, I went with a SN95 approach. I use Maximum Motorsports SN95 turbular control arms (with a 3/4" forward offset), bumpsteer kit, caster/camber plates, poly sway bar bushings, Koni DA Struts with an X2C Motorsports coil over kit (325# springs), 2000 GT spindles and PBR dual piston brakes, Russell stainles brake lines, and a few other smaller items. In the rear, I have a 2000 Cobra IRS with a set of Maximum Motorsports subframe bushings, a Kenny Brown differential brace, Kenny Brown rear steer kit, Ford Motorsports 3.73 gears, Maximum Motorsports coil over kit with Koni Yellow top adjustable shocks soon and 600# springs. I also added in a set of weld in subframe connectors. Handling is very crisp, and predicable, with absolutely none of the rut-following, rear-end-shaking, Mustang-Boogy nonsense that stock Fox bodies have. I drove Donna's 91 LX the other day, and could not believe the difference!

Later, I began experimenting with a Ford Powerstroke EVRT turbo. For details, check out the EVRT Page. I have shelved that project for now, and am running a Turbonetics T3/T4 .57 trim hybrid turbo. Well, that's all for now. I'll post up more pics and info as I get them. Thanks for stopping by!

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