1986 Ford Mustang SVO-ND

This is my latest project, the 1986 Ford Mustang SVO-ND. Yes, this is a true 'ND' car. Nothing that moves on this car has been left alone. Earlier this year I installed a 2000 Cobra Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). This was quite the project in of itself, but we didn't stop there. Next the car inherited the electronics from our previous project, the 1984 SVO-ND (R.I.P.). The '86 now runs on 1990 Chrysler Turbo IV SEFI. I drove it about 8k miles, and worked out the bugs and went with a 255 l/h high pressure pump, Kirban adjustable regulator, and 72#/hr fuel injectors. The car ran very well, had a smooth idle, and even got better mileage than it did on the previous 52#/hr injectors. Now, you're probably wondering why I would want to step up to these injectors - read on.

The next thing I did was modify the original gauge cluster with aftermarket gauges. If you look closely, you'll see that the stock boost, oil pressure and coolant temp gauges have been replaced by Autometer Z series 2 1/16" gauges. I chose these because the coloring and fonts used most closely matched the originals. Now I have some accurate readings. This was not hard to do, but did take a lot of time. Here's a couple of close up shots:

In the center console, you'll notice that the original SVO heater controls have been removed, and I added controls from a 92 Mustang down where the clock and switches used to be. I then freed up the space the HVAC controls were for a custom panel.

This panel allows me to switch between engine control calibrations on the fly, and monitors key engine data such as TPS voltage, Oxygen sensor voltage, MAP sensor voltage, Knock sensor voltage, Engine Coolant Temperature, Fuel Injector Pulse Width, and Fuel Injector Duty Cycle. The bottom display is part of a new 'Body Controller'. It monitors Battery voltage, displays Vehicle Speed, And does some other houskeeping chores, such as control the Rear Window Defroster, Fog Lamps, manual Fan override, and even enables the electronic Reverse Lockout for the T56 six speed transmission. I'll keep adding functions to this unit as I need them.

This shot here shows my 'high performance' cup holder, as well as the very nice Recaro seats.


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