1986 Shelby GLHS #053

This is GLHS Omni #053 of 500, which makes it the 53rd GLHS sold, and the 3rd GLHS sold to the general public. Research on it shows it to be Invoice #102, which makes it actually the second 86 GLHS built (invoice numbers started with #101). Also, further research shows that because of when this car was actually built, and because of certain details, that this car was the actual vehicle used in the dealership brochures and press releases. The car was delivered to the original owner with a number of miles on it, and there are some oddities with the car that seem to support this. I was working with Shelby Enterprises to get this documented.

We restored this vehicle to better than new status. It had been sitting in a barn in the southwest for the past five years. When we pulled it out of the barn, we immediately pulled the interior and all engine bay wiring out. We then took the rolling body to be straightened and had fresh PPG paint applied. When we got it back, we put in a new carpet (Auto Custom Carpets), NOS front seat covers (notice the lack of the 2 Door seatbelt guide and the holes it would create), many new interior trim pieces, and recoated anything that was no longer available for a new appearance.

Exterior wise, every piece of trim that was still available was replaced with NOS. This means all rub strips, front door trim, headlight bezels, tail lights, grill, bumper trim, and even the ground effects are brand new. We also sent the original Shelby stamped Centurion wheels out to be straightened and refinished. The result speaks for itself

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