ND Performance is a Christian based company started by Neil & Donna Emiro in 1996. We manufacture high quality, high reliability products for automotive enthusiasts. We started out selling a wide range of electronic control systems for Chrysler 2.2l and 2.5l turbocharged automobiles. (You can still get those products from FWD Performance, http://www.fwdperformance.com). We built up a few different vehicles to show off a little of what we could do, and also to try some new and exciting concepts out. Some worked out very well, and turned into product and enhancements for our customers. The ones that did not turn out well are none the less valuable. Those that did not work out often times lead to other questions, which lead to better answers, which then often lead to product ideas totally different from what we set out to accomplish. It has been, and is, our attitude to never stop trying something new and different.

Check back to this site often, and please be patient. Much like this site, our products are under constant construction! Thanks!